About Us

Arc Save Travel is a Zambian owned company that understands and geographically knows Zambia, Africa and the World.

Arc Save Travel has come up with the best way to handle its clients' various travel needs

Arc Save Travel is not just about booking flights, It is also about providing good quality services right from the point of enquiry, flight reservation, ticketing and monitoring out clients itineraries and advise whenever there are flight changes until the clients journey is complete. We also endeavour to provide professional advice to our clients on the best way to travel and cost effective routes. Arc Save Travel will go an extra mile to ensure all passenger details are correctly taken as we make bookings and pick the best flight connections so as to reduce long waiting hours at the point of flight connections

When you need cost effective flight services and a best solution to your complicated routing…you need Arc Save Travel.

Located in Lusaka with offices along Manda Hill Road, Arc Save Travel is within easy reach of all clients who can easily access us.

Arc Save Travel offers an independent, comfortable convenient solution for a wide range of flights to any destination in the world. Arc Save Travel boasts of success in all that we have done. No single client has been stranded anywhere, those who have challenges in their routing we make sure we stay in contact with them no matter where they are until we board them on their flights. As we have always said in our slogan: “Name the Destination, we will get you there”.

At the foundation of all that we do is our primary goal which is to “Delight our clients”. The company’s commitment to its corporate values. We will always live by our firm foundation, which is focused on our core competencies and determined to remain competitive. Our professional team is always on hand to help you meet your travel requirements.


Established in 2015, located at plot 10426 Manda Hill road, Arc Save Travel has grown to the extent of targeting the cross border traders, holiday packages and Car Hire. Providing a full spectrum of travel services to a wide range of commercial businesses, government agencies, private companies and individuals. 

Meet Our Team

Meet our devoted team who will be making your travel dreams a reality. Our travel consultants offer more than 20 years of knowledge and experience to assist you with all your travel needs from luxury holidays to corporate business trips.

Jessy Lengwe

Operational Director

Malama Chishala 

Travel Consultant

Our dedicated team or drivers who will ensure that you arrive safely at your destination